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Club Med is well known for being really the first all-inclusive resort.  Yes, when they first opened their resorts, they didn't quite have the all-inclusive defined the way we expect it to be today- but today they are just as inclusive as the next resort.  Gone are the days of wearing beads and having to "pay" for your drinks with those beads.  Gone are the days of the clubs each having a specific demographic.  Club Med initially opened up clubs that were for Singles or Adults without Children and then clubs that were for families. 

In approximately 2005, Club Med realized that they needed to change their business model and at that time decided to invest heavily into their clubs, they closed some favorites (Hualtulco & Playa Blanca) and then put millions of dollars into renovating the clubs in North America/Caribbean (Ixtapa, Cancun, Punta Cana and Sandpiper).  These really are the most popular Clubs from the West Coast and they are all considered family resorts - meaning that they offer full facilities and programs for children.  They are also the easiest Clubs to get to from the West Coast.

There are a few other Clubs in the Caribbean that I should mention:  Turquoise (Turks & Caicos)- which is still an adult only Club, Buccanneers Creek (Martinique) & Columbus Isle (Bahamas)- which welcome children, but have no supervised programs for them and finally LaCaravelle (Guadeloupe)- offers childrens programs from age 4 and up. 

Your Club Med Vacation includes all your meals with several dining venue options, all of your beverages and all of your activities that are available on site.  Some of the Clubs have Trapeze School, some have diving, water sports, golf, tennis and they all have nightly entertainment.  For additional charges you can indulge in spa services or take local tours that can be arranged through the tour office on site at the Club Med location.  I have been to Club Med three times and think that it makes for a fabulous vacation!  I also have clients who go back to Club Med over and over again!  In fact, some of their kids keep in touch with other kids that they met while on vacation and the kids start planning the next vacation and tell the parents where they need to go next!  Below is a little more detailed information about the Club Med Villages that are most popular from the West Coast ~ and particularly with families.


  • Mini-clubs for ages 4 through teens
  • Babysitting is available for all ages and Baby Welcome Kits are available.
  • Circus/Trapeze, Waterskiing, snorkeling, tennis are just some of the activities at this club.
  • Located very close to town for shopping or additional nightlife.
  • Tours to the Mayan Ruins and Ecological Water Parks available (for cost)

To read my review of my visit to Club Med Cancun, click here.




  • Located in the Dominican Republic on a beautiful stretch of smooth, clean white beach
  • Baby & Kids Clubs are available starting at age 4 months through teens.
  • Circus/Trapeze, snorkeling, sailing, beautiful oceanside massage huts
  • Very laid back atmosphere

To read my review of my visit to Club Med Punta Cana, click here.


The grandest of all the renovations as this resort was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up!

  • Baby Club ages 4-23 months
  • Petit Club ages 2-3 years old
  • Mini Club ages 4-12 years old (with sub-divided age group activities)
  • Teens have their own hang-outs and activities
  • Baby Welcome Kits for the infants and toddlers & all amenities that you will need for your infant and toddler!
  • Beautiful white stretch of beach, safe swimming water for the kids
  • Only a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles, making this the easiest Club to get to from the West Coast
  • Wide array of activities to keep the entire family happy!


This is the last of the clubs going through renovation - closing for the Fall of 2009 and re-opening at Christmas as a family village with clubs for ages 4 months - teens.

  • Located on the St. Lucie River in Florida
  • Tennis & Golf are the big attractions here.
  • Trapeze/Circus School, water activities, sports and sailing.